4 Replies to “Wonderful Weather and Great Crowd at Freedom Park Concert”

  1. Joey,

    The show was good as far as the covers of Chicago and Blood Sweat and tears. Especially our favorite Chicago tune “Beginnings”. However, we were disappointed that it wasn’t the “Big Band” music we are accustomed to hearing from you. We were “In the Mood” for the Big Band sounds. We grew up with Chicago(Transit Authority) and Blood Sweat and Tears (with Al Kooper and David Clayton Thomas). It was good…but please do the Big Band stuff.

    Also Tell your vocalist to drop September by Earth, Wind and Fire. His falsetto doesn’t cut it. If you want to hear it done right by a cover band listen to Harmony do it. Lead vocalist and keyboard player Todd Sardella has that falsetto spot on. Your vocalist was great otherwise…especially on “Beginnings”. Robert Lamm would be proud.

    Hope to see again soon……with the Big Band sound.

  2. Thank you Donald for your feedback and your love of Big Band music. We’re always glad to have the opportunity to play the classics. If you know of any venues that would like to present The Joey Thomas Big Band with a “classic” Big Band program, do let us know!

  3. Actually, we DO want to hear Chicago, Blood Sweat and Tears, and Earth Wind and Fire. WWII music is not our taste. Please keep on playing the 60s and 70s sounds!

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