Musicians are generally their worst critic, so it’s really rewarding when someone takes the time to tell us that we have really helped make their event extra special. Hopefully Anthony and Rebecca will get many 10th Anniversary cards wishing them well and congratulations and saying how special their wedding was and that it wasn’t quite all about The Joey Thomas Big Band.

We wish Anthony and Rebecca warm wishes and happy regards for a wonderful life together.

The full Five Star Review reads:

I would rate them a 25 out of 5! JTBB is amazing. Every guest at our wedding had something to say about how great the band was. I am positive that in 10 years people will be talking about how great the band was and completely forget the reason they were there (our wedding!)! Joey is a fun guy and dedicates himself to making the event special. They learned a few songs for us and really seemed to enjoy some of our choices, really taking ownership of the process and having fun with it. You could tell that this incredibly talented group genuinely loves their work. it was nothing short of exceptional!

— Anthony G

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